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Product Review – Advantage II

Ever have a problem with fleas? Even in the off season? Have you heard about Advantage II for fleas and lice? This is the new re-formulated version of the old standby "Advantage."

The Advantage line of flea repellant products is produced by the Bayer company. This company may be known to you by the many human health products that they produce.

What Is Advantage?

Advantage is a topical flea repellant which is used to control flea infestations on dogs and cats. You can get this product in packages of 4, 6, and 12 doses.

Advantage II is a monthly flea preventative for dogs and cats that offers comprehensive flea protection by killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. Plus, it kills fleas through contact, which means fleas don't have to bite your pet to die. Advantage II also treats, prevents, and controls lice on dogs.

How does Advantage work?

The first active ingredient is imidacloprid, which acts on the nervous system of the flea to cause paralysis and subsequent death. Within 12 hours of application on cats and dogs, 98-100 percent of fleas are dead. Advantage II Small Cat kills the existing fleas on ferrets within 24 hours. The second active ingredient, pyriproxyfen, is an insect growth regulator. Once a female flea lays her eggs, pyriproxyfen works to prevent the eggs from hatching, ending the flea life cycle. Also, the active ingredient in Advantage II kills through contact, which means that fleas don't have to bite your pet to die. Reinfesting fleas are killed with protection against further flea infestation lasting for up to 4 weeks. Pre-existing pupae in the environment may continue to emerge for 6 weeks or longer depending upon the climactic conditions.

What are the Benefits of Advantage?

There are many advantages and benefits of using Advantage II. The following is a brief list of the main benefits:

  • Convenient, once-a-month application
  • Kills through contact - fleas don't have to bite to die
  • Kills fleas within 12 hours of application on cats and dogs
  • Kills fleas within 24 hours of application on ferrets
  • Kills all flea life stages including flea eggs and larvae to prevent infestation
  • Treats, prevents, and controls lice infestations (dogs only)
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Waterproof - remains effective even if pet gets wet (use of a soap-free shampoo is recommended. It is preferable that you bath your pet before using Advantage if bathing is necessary.)

What You Should Know About Advantage II

The active ingredients in Advantage II are Imidacloprid (9.1%) and Pyriproxyfen (0.46%).

Advantage II cones in several formats. Be sure to buy the right format for your pet. These formats are:

  • Advantage II Kitten
  • Advantage II Small Cat
  • Advantage II Large Cat
  • Advantage II Small Dog
  • Advantage II Medium Dog
  • Advantage II Large Dog
  • Advantage II Extra Large Dog

All formats of Advantage II are once a month topical flea prevention and treatments. Advantage II Small Cat may also be used for ferrets weighing 1 lb or over and 10 weeks of age or older.

Advantage II kills all flea life stages. This product kills fleas within 12 hours of application and re-infesting fleas within 24 hours.

Advantage II for Dogs also treats, prevents, and controls lice infestations.

Advantage II is waterproof and fragrance free. And best of all, Advantage II for cats or ferrets and Advantage II for dogs are non-prescription (OTC) products.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately.

How Effective Is Advantage II?

Not perfect, but better than most. . Most dog owners find Advantage II for Dogs very effective saying it works fast to wipe out fleas. Many say that this product worked when other flea preventative products failed. However, some people complained that this flea treatment was ineffective or stopped working before the month was up, requiring an extra dose. A few owners say Advantage II used to work for their dogs but no longer does. However, most veterinarians don't report similar results and veterinarian dermatologist Jon Plant says that "the Advantage line of products are generally very effective for flea control in most situations, when used as directed (monthly)."

The Bottom Line

Personally I recommend using Advantage II for flea control. I have used this product (and tried other) since it came out in 1996 and it has never failed to work for me. All-in-all, this product gets a 5 star rating from me.

If you would like to get a supply of Advantage II just choose your format from the list below.

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Advantage II

  1. This is a product I trust. And the prices in your list are better than my local veterinarian. And I noticed that you can get it from your affiliate without a prescription. They have a new customer.

  2. This has always been my number 1 choice when it comes to flea prevention. Tried other products (because my source ran out) but they didn’t work as well. Now I have another source to buy from.

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