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Article Submission Policy

At Pet Quest we value the opinions of our readers and have decided that the best way to share the opinions of our readers is to give them the chance to publish their own articles on Pet Quest. So starting September 15th, 2015 we will be taking submissions for articles to be published on the Pet Quest web site.


If you would like to become a published author simply follow the following guidelines for us to consider publishing your articles.


All article submissions must be made no later than the 20th of every month. All submitted articles that are of acceptable quality will be considered for publication on the Pet Quest web site.


Currently we will publish up to 20 articles from our site members each month.


Article Submission Guidelines

  1. All potential authors must be a current member of Pet Quest with an up-to-date account and completed profile.
  2. All article submissions must be submitted no later than the 20th of each month.
  3. Minimum article length is 350 words.
  4. Maximum article length is 3500 words. May be exceeded with the permission of the editor.
  5. Articles must be submitted in either MS Word format or OpenDocument format to be considered for publishing.
  6. All articles must have a list of references listed at the end of the article for us to follow-up on the data and information that is presented.
  7. All submissions must contain only one article and be in compressed format with the file extension .zip.
  8. Maximum number of permitted submissions per month by each author is limited to 10.
  9. All submissions are to be submitted to the following email address: [email protected] and must have the subject line "Article Submission."

Once the article has been received by our editor it will be reviewed. If accepted the editor will email you telling you when your article will go live.


Please note that authors of articles which have potential for publication but need more work will be notified by our editor explaining what needs to be done before publishing the article.

Also note that articles which have been submitted and accepted for publication may not be published for some time if the volume of submissions is large.


Updated: March 26, 2016

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