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A Dog’s Basic Commands

A Dog's Basic Commands

Owners of new dogs should teach their dogs a basic set of commands that all dogs should know. The age of the dog is not important here. The basic commands are the important thing as they will give you a dog that is a joy to have.

Dog Training | Pet QuestHaving a well-trained dog is having a dog that is loyal and obedient. As a dog owner you should strive to accomplish this. These are basic commands that can be taught to a dog regardless of their age. Doing so will result in a family companion that is a joy to have around. One that doesn't need to be constantly corrected in their behaviour.

There is a logical order in which these commands should be taught. The next command in the list will always build on the last command that you taught the dog. In other words, one command will help to reinforce the previous command. With that said let's move on to the commands in the order that they should be taught.

Dog Stay Training | Pet QuestI find that you should start off by teaching your dog the meaning of the word “No.” This command is used to stop the dog from doing whatever it is doing and to get it to pay attention to you. It is a catch-all command. You can use this word to stop the dog from behaving destructively, from going where you don't want it to go, or even when it is not performing another command properly. This should be your power word. Giving a good, sharp “No!” should get the dog to stop immediately.

Once the dog has the concept of the first command it is time to move on to the next command. Therefore, the second command in the list is that of “Heal.” A dog that walks properly is a joy to take out. And as the word suggests the dog should walk by your heal and preferably on your left side. The reason that the dog should be walking on your left side is that you should be walking facing any oncoming road traffic. That way if you see a car lose control and come towards you you can get out of the way. Something you cannot do if you walk with the traffic having the cars come behind you.

When using the “Heal” command it is important that the dog not be in the lead. If the dog is in front then it has control over you. And the dog should not lag behind you either. Remember that you are the boss. Not the dog. Be the pack leader as only the pack leader has the control.

Child Training A Dog | Pet QuestThe third command that should be taught is that of “Sit.” When this command is given the dog should sit down by your side and not move. This command should be used each time you come to a corner of the street. The dog should sit until you give it the order to move.

The fourth command of importance is that of “Stay.” This command is a test of patience for the dog as well as obedience. When you issue this command the dog should stay where it is allowing you to move away. The dog should not move from that spot until you give it the command to do so. They should also stay there even if someone else tries to call the dog over. You should be the only person that is able to get the dog to move.

Dog Sitting Down | Pet QuestThe final command of the list of basic commands is that of “Down.” This command tells the dog to lay down where you indicate. Again, just like the “Stay” command the dog should not move from that spot until commanded to do so. This command is great for when you take the dog along with you while you go visit friends and family.

If you look at all of these commands you will notice something that is very important. They are all one word commands. They are also very simple words being one syllable in length and sound. For a dog that makes them easy to understand.

Now you can teach your dog other commands. Only do so, however, when your dog completely understands and obeys these five basic commands. And don't forget to use positive reinforcement when training your dog.

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  1. One of the things that I hate even though I love animals is people who do not take the time to properly train their dogs. Not everyone like someone else’s dog to jump all over them. This is especially true if you are wearing a $500 suite.

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