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Do Dogs Mourn Loss?

Do Dogs Mourn Loss?

Mourning Dogs | Pet Quest

Do dogs mourn loss of a companion? This is a question that we can answer right here.

Have you ever wondered whether dogs mourn the loss of other dogs, animals, or people? If so you are not alone. Many of us wonder whether an animal can have such feelings the we presume are only available to humans. After all to mourn is a human emotion is it not?

Although you might consider the act of mourning as being a human trait you must keep in mind that we are animals too. If we can mourn why can't other forms of animals mourn also? Is that too far-fetched an idea? Isn't mourning an emotion of loss? If we can feel emotions over the loss of a close companion why can't other forms of life do the same?

Basically, scientists say the same thing.

Animals, like us, have intelligence because they have a brain. This means that they can think as it relates to their level of existence. That allows them to have emotions.

Take the happy dog or cat for instance. You left the house early in the morning and have been gone for several hours. When you return there is Fido jumping for joy and wagging his tail in sheer delight that you have returned. He does this because he missed your company while you were away. This is proof that an animal can show joy.

The same goes when you leave the house. The animal may show signs of depression or anxiety at the inevitable period of loneliness that is about to follow. And it doesn't take a genius to see that the animal is displaying their emotions either.

This holds true with the act of mourning also. Animals may show all forms of behavior when they mourn.

Animals that are mourning may become depressed. They may show signs of anxiety. They may even cry uncontrollably. They may also develop behavioral problems or not want to leave the side of the deceased animal or person.

A case in point. While discussing this topic with my editor he told me a story about his now deceased dog. Several years ago, just before the turn of the century, my editor's mother was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Unfortunately his mother did not last long after the attack.

The way he reports it is that one afternoon while taking a nap with his dog by his side on the bed the dog jumped up suddenly at 2:00pm waking him. She was staring at the door to the bedroom. After a few minutes she came over to him and put her head on his shoulder and started to cry tears. At that point he something was not right. Within a few minutes the phone rang. It was the hospital with the news of his mother's death.

He went on to say that his dog became very depressed on that day. This depression lasted for several days after the funeral.

I, myself, have always believed that animals could mourn. If they can show joy and sadness then why not also show the process of mourning?

If you still can't believe that animals can mourn then you should check out these videos that I've added below. After you've watched the videos I would really like to hear your comments on the subject. Even tell us about your own experiences about mourning animals that you have witnessed.

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  1. Hi everybody. Just signed up today. I must say that this post was quite heavy to read not alone to watch the videos. Still a great topic. Now I’m off to read other posts.

  2. As the article says “We’re animals so why can’t other animals mourn also?” Really great article with the videos.

    • Couldn’t help myself. Had to come back today to look at these videos. I think that they are GREAT!!!! 🙂

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