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Kid Friendly Dog List

Kid Friendly Dogs List

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Dogs, just like people, come with a variety of temperaments. This often stops those with children from getting a dog for fear of biting. Although there is a definite foundation for this fear. There are dogs out there that are kid friendly dogs. Here's our kid friendly dog list.

When choosing a kid friendly dog for the family there are some things that should be taken into consideration when choosing such a dog. The four main points are as follows:

  1. Sturdiness: When looking for a family dog you should choose a dog that is sturdy. Sturdy dogs will be able to take the roughness of children when they play. Weak dogs that get hurt easily are not a good choice since they tend to bite and nip when things start to get rough.
  2. High energy: A dog breed with high energy levels are also a good choice. These dogs will probably tire out the children before they get tired. High-energy dogs really love to play and they can usually go all day long earning their rest through the night.
  3. Intelligence: A kid friendly dog should have a reasonable high level of intelligence. This is important around children in that it allows you to easily train the dog how to behave around the children. Often intelligent dogs can figure out for themselves how to behave around the various people in the family. If they can find a sucker in the family they will milk them for everything they've got.
  4. Friendliness: This would be the super point when choosing a kid friendly dog. Friendly dogs tend to not want to be aggressive. They would rather be submissive. However, this trait is hard to determine and quantify as individual animals have different levels of friendliness. What you need to look for here is a dog that has a warm and open demeanor. Look for a dog that has lots of patience and tolerance.

Remember that not all breeds are kid friendly dogs. Below is a list of 26 dogs that do make great additions to households with kids. Keep in mind, however, that almost any breed of dog can be a kid friendly dog. The kid friendly dog list below is only a partial listing of dogs that are friendly enough to be around kids.

Kid Friendly Dogs

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11 thoughts on “Kid Friendly Dog List

  1. Found this to be a very interesting list. There are some breeds on here that I would never have thought of as being kid friendly. Like the Pit Bull or the Mastiff. You have enlightened me with this post. Great job! 🙂

  2. I’ve gone around to many different sites and a lot of them have this list. Each site seems to include different dogs for this list. My question is: what determines whether a dog is kid friendly or not?

    • I seen the same lists. I’ve noticed that many sites only include dogs that are on the AKC or CKC lists. There are many dogs that are not on those lists that are also kid friendly.

    • Hi Danny. The main thing that determines whether a dog is kid friendly or not is their personality. Even a dog that is considered to be kid friendly may not be. These dogs in this list tend to have a great track record at being very friendly and tolerant towards children. Cheers.

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