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Extensible Leashes Are a Disaster

Extensible Leashes Are a Disaster

Retractable Leash Dangers | Pet QuestHow many of you use one of those extensible leashes? I'm talking about the ones that extend and retract. Now how many of you have had a near disaster while using one of those leashes? Surprisingly a large number of dog owners have had near disasters with these leashes and yet they still use them.

I find that the main problem with these extensible leashes is that they offer no control of the animal. I always tell people that when they are training their dog to walk properly that the animal should not be the leader by walking in front of you nor should they lag behind you. The command “Heal” means exactly that. The dog is to walk at your heal and nowhere else.

Retractable Leash Dangers | Pet QuestA few months ago I witnessed first-hand the lack of control that is inherent in these extensible leashes. While walking my own dog (I use a regular leash) there was another woman walking her dog on the other side of the street. There was also an elderly woman approaching the woman with the dog. Well that dog noticed my dog and immediately tried to run across the street towards my dog. Needless to say the elderly woman ended up tripping over the lead from the dog and fell on her face. The end result was that the elderly woman ended up receiving 20 stitches because of that leash.

On another occasion the end result was much worse for the dog. In that incident the dog dashed off between two parked cars because it saw a squirrel across the street. At the same time a car was passing by. The dog was hit in the head and suffered a broken neck. It lay in the street for about 10 minutes suffering before it died. The dog owner was charged with not having her animal under control. She also had to pay the damages to the vehicle. And recently I was told that there was a lawsuit pending against the dog owner because the driver of the vehicle suffered depression and personal stress due to the incident. I was also told by a friend of mine that that dog owner now has another dog and still uses the extensible leash. You think that she would have learnt her lesson with her last dog.

Retractable Leash Dangers | Pet QuestThe thing that people don't realize here is that when a dog wants to make a quick dash they can travel 30 feet before you can react and push that little button that will stop the leash from extending. By that time the dog is already in a dangerous situation. Not to mention innocent bystanders who find themselves wrapped up in the dog's leash.

These extensible leashes should be made illegal. They are a complete hazard. Do yourself and your dog a favour. Get a regular leash and keep your dog under control.

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6 thoughts on “Extensible Leashes Are a Disaster

  1. I am against these types of leashes. They put the animal at risk because people don’t pay enough attention to their surroundings when they have a dog on these types of leashes. It doesn’t take but a second for the dog to dart out in between a car to run after another animal. Next thing you know, the dog is dead. Hard cold fact because it happens often enough.

  2. Personally I’ve never like these leashes. And after reading this post I am now completely against the use of these leashes.

  3. It is the opinion of this reader that these leashes should have never been allowed on the market. They are dangerous to both animal and human.

  4. I think anyone that uses these leashes should be drawn and quartered! They are a complete hazard to everyone. Not just the dogs.

  5. These things give you no control over your dog. Don’t be fooled into getting one of these leashes.

  6. Whoever invented these things did not think things through. Thumbs down for this invention.

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