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How to Leave Your Pet for Extended Travel

How to Leave Your Pet for Extended Travel

Contributed By Emma H. Lawson

Your pet is like a family member to you, so leaving it behind while you travel can be both heartbreaking and nerve-wracking. On the bright side, there are plenty of options for you to choose from – you can leave your dog or cat at home with a house sitter, you can take your beloved pet to a dedicated boarding kennel, or you could also consider leaving them with a friend or neighbor. See which one would be the best for your four-legged friend, and make the final cut.


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A Friend’s Home

The most affordable option is to leave your pet with your neighbor or friend. This is especially good if the pet is already familiar with the person and gets along well with them. This way, they won’t feel your absence as much, and won’t cause much trouble to the temporary guardian. If they can’t accommodate the animal, you could always ask them to drop by at your house every day and check up on the pet. However, it’s important that the person you leave your pet with is responsible and loves animals. Otherwise, your pet may stay unattended, which could cause various problems.

Pet Sitting

Having a person stay at your home full time and take care of the pet and the property while you’re travelling is one of the best choices. Hiring a house sitter gives you a peace of mind because the house won’t stay unattended, and any potential burglars will think you’re actually home. The price is rather affordable if you consider the pet will be at their own home with someone to keep them company and take care of them. Therefore, consider house sitting as one of the best options for attending the pet while you’re away and leave the four-legged friend in safe hands. Pet sitters usually have Pet First Aid training and know exactly how to take care of animals. Also, don’t forget to provide the sitter with your contact information as well as the veterinarian’s office number in case of an emergency. If the pet has any specific dietary needs, don’t forget to tell the sitter. Make sure you have a test run with a sitter for a couple of hours, and see whether the animal is comfortable around them or not. It could prevent many problems, like disobedience, barking, scratching, or jumping. Let the sitter know if any of the areas in the house are off limits for the pet, buy all the extra supplies before you leave, and show them where the food, leashes and toys are.

Kennels and Dog Spas

Various kennels offer a truly amazing service; they provide the animals with comfortable beds, toys, regular exercise walks, and so much more. The pet will have everything they need and will be treated almost as good as you’d treat them. However, if your dog tends to behave aggressively from time to time, the facility will screen the behaviour and might even take some obedience measures. Also, before you decide to leave a pet at any of those facilities, make sure you pay them a visit because websites can be deceitful. Only if the kennels are clean and comfortable and have a pleasant staff should you leave the pet in their care.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your pet at home while you travel the world could be emotional, but sometimes necessary. However, if you pick the appropriate care for your four-legged friend, you will have nothing to worry about. They will have fun with your friend, be well taken care of by a pet sitter, or enjoy meeting new canine friends at a kennel where you’ll pick them up on your way back.


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  1. Great article for the vacationing pet parent. I have one suggestion. Add some similar link to North American sites if any exist. I have an Australian friend and he keeps telling me that he would not be able to come to Canada if it weren’t for these services in Australia.

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