Dogs That Are Not So Dog-Friendly

Have you ever had a dog that just didn’t get along with other dogs. Sometimes it is the disposition of the dog. Other times it is plain old jealousy. And sometimes it is a behavioral problem. Whatever the reason we pet parents often get a second dog as a companion for our first dog. This list is a list of dogs that are not dog-friendly. So if you’re planning on having more than one dog in the house you might want to stay away from these dog breeds.

Dogs That Are Good For Experienced Owners

Are You Man Enough for Me | Pet Quest

Dogs come in all sizes and shapes as well as all sorts of temperaments. This list is a listing of dogs that are good for experienced owners only. So if you don’t have the necessary experience you may want to stay away from these breeds of dogs.

Dogs That Are Poorly Suited To Cold Weather

It's Way Too Cold | Pet Quest

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes as well as having the ability to withstand certain environmental conditions. If you live in a colder environment and are looking for a good companion you may want to stay away from these dogs that are poorly suited to cold weather.

Dogs That Are Poorly Suited To Be Alone

Poorly Suited To Being Alone | Pet Quest

Are you looking for a dog? Do you stay out for extended periods of time because of your job? Want a dog that doesn’t mind being alone? Then you will probably want to stay away from these dogs as they are poorly suited to being alone.

Dogs That Have A Low Sensitivity Level

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We domesticated the dog a long time ago. And with that we have completely changed their personalities. Once a very robust hardened breed they are now more sensitive to their surroundings as well as to the treatment they get from their owners. Because of this change there are now many breeds of dog that have a low sensitivity level. If you are planning on getting a dog that is not too sensitive you may want to stay away from these breeds of dogs that have a low sensitivity level.

Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Dog Eating Sweet Potato Dog Treat | Pet Quest

Have you been keeping up on the news about dog treats lately? If so you’ve probably noticed that many treats get recalled for various reasons but mainly because of health risk concerns. If you’re like me you probably hesitate about buying any kind of dog treat because of the potential health risks. If so, then why not make your own dog treats.

21 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds. Did Yours Make The List?

Giant Schnauzer | Pet Quest

Dogs have long been our companion animals. They stay at our sides, providing us with comfort and happiness. People around the world have long relied on dogs to do certain things. A dog can be trained to do all sorts of amazing tasks. Some dogs guide blind people while others may be trained to sniff out chemicals or help provide much welcomed therapy for people with chronic illnesses. Many researchers have investigated the idea of doggy intelligence and set up certain parameters. In general, those looking to define doggy intelligence look for animals that learn quickly, respond well to human commands and can even act on their own if necessary. Researchers have come to the conclusion that certain breeds of dogs are not only beautiful but also very smart.

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