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Masha Waits For Her Owner

Masha Waits for Her Owner

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Masha Waits | Pet QuestThe dog in the photo is named Masha and she is waiting patiently for her owner to come back to her in a Siberian hospital. The only problem is that her owner died a year ago and she has waited patiently ever since.

This heart-wrenching story appeared on the Life with Dogs web site on December 31, 2014.

The hospital staff don’t know what to do with her as she will not move from the hospital. She just lays there and waits and waits and waits. Unfortunately her human companion will never return. Which is unfortunate for Masha as she will probably die waiting.

Even taking her to the cemetery where her master is buried will probably not work, say the hospital staff. She is just too focused on seeing her beloved human again.

Masha Waits | Pet QuestJust looking at her eyes will tell you a very sad story. A very dedicated dog who is pining for a lost love. A story of dedication and relentless love. A sight of true unconditional love that is in every pet. There is no longer a spark or a twinkle in her eyes. Just the hollow expression of sadness.

Masha’s story started about three years ago when she used to go to the hospital on her own to visit with her human. Sometimes she was the only visitor. Then her human dies. But Masha doesn’t give up.

No matter how much the patients and staff at the Novosibirsk District Hospital try to soothe her she just will not move. It is a real shame, though, because she is most likely to die of a broken heart as she keeps vigil for her human to come back to her.

I’ve seen this type of behavior in humans as well when they lose a loved one that they were extremely close to. This has even happened to me recently with the loss of my dog of 20 years.

Several people have tried to adopt Masha. She usually ends up back at the hospital within a few days after escaping her new home. She is just too heartbroken to accept the love of a new human.

At least she is loved and well taken care of by the staff and patients in the hospital. She gets plenty of attention from the patients as well as treats. And the staff make sure that she has a warm and comfortable place to stay. She is very much-loved by all at the hospital.

Maybe, one day, a miracle will happen. Maybe a special human will steel Masha’s heart like she has stolen the hearts of a multitude of people over the past few years. We all certainly hope so.

Masha’s story is amazing. You can read the full story at the Life with Dogs website. And please leave comments both here and at their web site in respect of Masha.

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7 thoughts on “Masha Waits For Her Owner

    • I remember the soldier story it was very touching. Even saw the pics and followed the story until they didn’t write about it anymore. I wish they would do an update on that story. I’m curious about what happened to that dog by the casket.

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