Abused Dog | Pet Quest

Abused Dog Has Miraculous Transformation

Abused Dog Has Miraculous Transformation

Abused Dog Transformed | Pet Quest

While browsing through Tumblr this story of an abused dog that was rescued stood out.

In Romania, a woman rescued a small dog being abused. When the woman approach the dog to pet it, it became very fearful and starts screaming and crying.

Then the dog calms itself and accepts the friendly gesture.

A few weeks later, the dog was adopted by the woman and seems very happy with its new family.

To support us and the Humane Society please visit our fundraiser page. You can make a difference.

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12 thoughts on “Abused Dog Has Miraculous Transformation

  1. Thank you for sharing this. People must be made aware that animal abuse is a very serious problem. Maybe you should do some shock stories about animal abuse as well as some of the happier rescued animal stories.

  2. I am totally amazed at the transformation of this dog. It never ceases to amaze me at how a dog can change and accept the kinder attention of someone who cares without fear. I hope that the abuser got their just reward for their horrible treatment of this animal.

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